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How do i shop?

1-We offer links to the most trusted american websites, and you can pick your own site too as long as it’s trusted. All you have to do is to copy and paste the url for the item link into our quotation area in our website, you will get an email reply with the total cost and the option to place your order. 2- Once you agree on the price and like to proceed, you will have to choose from the payment options to pay the online price ONLY (the full price if you are paying by credit card) 3-Once we receive the deposit for the online price only, we will place the order and send you an email confirmation. 4-You will receive your order on time and pay the balance upon delivery.

How do I pay?

Payment options: 1- pay online using your credit card. 2-ask is to send you an email with a payment link. 3- you can ask for an agent to collect cash from your house.

What is the online price?

Online price is the price for the item without adding any other cost such as domestic shipping or domestic Taxes. It is the price that you always see when you look for the item online.

What is the domestic shipping?

It is the shipping cost that the website charges to deliver the item to our office in the USA. Sometimes it’s free shipping like Zappos, sometimes it’s flat fee like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger , sometimes it depends on the amount like Macy’s and sometimes it’s free after a certain amount like Old Navy and others.

What is the domestic taxes?

It’s the tax that you pay inside USA imposed by the website. Since we ship to NJ, there is no tax on clothing or shoes. A lot of websites charge taxes and it’s 7%. If you try to check out, you will find out if there are domestic taxes or not.

What is the fee?

This is the fee for our service, and it’s 15% from the online price plus domestic shipping plus domestic taxes For an example if you buy camera for $100 with domestic shipping $8 and domestic taxes $7= $115 our fee will be 15% from the total price

What is shipping?

It’s the shipping charges that we charge you to deliver the item from USA to Egypt,we charge $30 per kilo based on gross weight only,

When will you place my order?

If you submit your order and pay for it before 3 PM, we should place your same day otherwise, orders will be placed next business day

Do you deliver the item(s) to my house?

Yes we do, or you can pick it up if you prefer

If I choose from different websites, do I get several shipments?

No, no matter how many items you order or how many websites you choose from you will get only one shipment from the U.S that includes all your orders.

When do I pay the balance and fees?

Balance and fees are due upon receiving the item(s).

what guarantees that you will bring my item after I pay the online price?

1- Were a legal Egyptian company 2- We are registered with the ministry of commerce 3- We have a legal registration number and a tax id number 4- We are in this business for over 6 years 5- Our business is based on our reputation which we cannot ruin

If I have an account with Aramex Shop and ship, why would I use your service then???

The difference between and shop and ship: 1- charges a flat $8 per lb Shop and ship charges $12 for the first Half kilo and $9 for each additional half. 2- With, the customs is calculated based on the invoice price not based on the value, for an example, if you buy a Ralph Lauren shirt original price $80 for only $35 (you can find these deals with Macy’s and Ralph the custom will be calculated based on the $35 not the $80 But with shop and ship, they ignore the sale price and charge you customs based on the sticker price. 3- a lot of eBay and Amazon items are under priced, and subject to an estimated value from the custom people with shop and ship, but with it’s fixed no matter how low was the invoice price. 4-if you buy 5 items from 3 different sites, 2 shirts from Macys, a camera from Amazon, and 2 sneakers from Zappos, shop and ship will send you 3 boxes, most of the time huge boxes and charge you much more for the shipping, but with we only charge you the price of the actual weight because we take the shirts out of the original big box and consolidate the shipments. 5- With you will know up front exactly how much things will cost you, but with shop and ship there is a lot of surprises. 6- Shop and ship charges other fees like clearance charges, administrative costs, Postal license fee ,Customs formalities certificate +HAWB retrieval fee……ETC

Can you purchase from eBay,Ubid, or any other online auction site?

Yes, we bid on your behalf.

How do I buy from eBay?

EBay is an auction site (MAZAD), the price that you see is not the final price for the item, and it goes up until the auction ends. You have to tell us what is your maximum bid, which is the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the item, and then we place the bid on your behalf, but we don’t guarantee that you win the bid because there are other buyers who are willing to pay more money for the same item. Before you decide on the maximum bid, try to find the average price for the item that you are bidding on elsewhere, try Amazon or other eBay auctions, do not give a maximum bid $200 for an item with an average price of $300 for an example Remember to choose a trusted seller, with at least 200 transactions and not less than 98% positive feed back If the seller has an option for (best offer), you have to give us your best offer and consider it as a bid, because once we submit a best offer it is like bidding on the auction We only do the final and actual buying, we do not negotiate with the seller, and we do not ask him questions, the price that we give you is final We do not submit an offer or a bid or buy it now unless we have the online price deposited in our bank account For eBay motors, we customs are unknown and will be determined when the car /motorcycle/boat/..etc… arrives. For eBay motors, we ship your item by container through the sea, and shipping prices varies. For eBay motors, extra fees applies. Please allow enough time for us to place the bid; the auction has to have a life time for at least 24 hours to accept the bid

Can I return or exchange an item?

only if we bring you the wrong item, size,or color, you will get a full refund. but if you would like to return the item for any other reason, you will pay for all shipping and other expenses, according to the return policy for the seller

do you give any warranty?

Yes, we honor the manufacturer warranty, according to their policy, at the customer’s total shipping expenses, and we don’t charge any fees for that.

Can you ship to my Friend in the USA, just charge me your fees and my friend will bring my items with him??

Yes, But we charge you with a certain Fee depends on your order and we don’t accept Credit Card as a Payment method.

Can I place the order using my credit card and use your address in my order?

No, we do the whole process from A to Z

Can I buy from a website not listed in your recommended sites list

Yes you can, these sites are only for your reference, but you can choose a website that we don’t have in the list, and we can add it later, but it has to be trusted.

Do you have customs ?

No, we have an offer now that we don`t have customs and only we take our fees 15% and the international shipping $14 per pound

Why do I pay sales taxes in USA although it’s refunded at the airport?

In many countries with a national Value Added Tax (VAT), you can apply for a tax refund on products purchased for use out of country. The USA does not have a national VAT, and thus the tax cannot be refunded. Local, state and city sales taxes are paid based on the district in which you purchased the product, and are not refundable upon leaving the district.

Can I enter more than one link and get a quote?

Yes, you can enter as many links as you can in our quotation box in the home page, and you will get a quotation for all the items together, but if you need to know the prices individually, you will have to enter each link in a separate quotation

what are the restricted items that I cannot purchase?

1-Antiques (objects over 100 years old) 2- two way radios or long range walkie talkie 3-commercial internet routers,modems,or switches. 4-Any collectible painting, sculpture or other work of Art 5-Bullion 6-Dangerous goods are defined as those goods which meet the criteria of 1 or more of 9 UN Hazard classes. These classes relate to the type of hazard. 7-Flammable liquid. 8-Toxic and infectious substance. 9-Fake/dummy games, Toy weapons, paint ball guns, BB guns, antique weapons, swords, knives, or any of the self defense items . 10-Firearms (including parts) and ammunition are prohibited 11-Lighting – containing fluorescent tubes, neon lighting, x-ray tubes, light bulbs etc 12-Lottery tickets, Gambling Devises, where prohibited by law 13-Indecent, obscene or offensive communication devices such as Spy Cameras, Spying devices, personal tracking devices…ETC. 14-Foul or disgusting material, pornography and/or obscene material, and any unsolicited Indecent item or representation of any kind. 15-Tobaco product 16-liqures and Alchohol product. 17- Animals. 18-spying equipment

what is the declaration fee that you charge when calculating a mobile phone or a cordless phone

any mobile or cordless phone is subject to the NTRA approval (الجهاز القومي لتنظيم الاتصالات) which adds more fees, customs paper work and more leg work to our customs workers, that’s why we charge $35 flat fee for this kind of product

what are the terms and conditions of ? is a third party online company enables costumers from Egypt to purchase products from international websites by acting and purchasing on the costumer’s behalf. will honor the manufacturer warranty for any purchased item, according to the manufacturer policy, upon your request, we will return your item for repair or replacements but the customer will pay for all expenses evolved in the return process, which is the shipping fees only to and from USA, No extra customs or other fees will be added, this process could take up to 10 weeks. will refund you the full amount of your purchase if you receive the wrong item, size or color. will handle all communications with the seller; customers shall not communicate directly with the sellers. will return your item to the seller upon your request, according to the return policy for the seller, and subject to extra return fees and shipping fees. will refund you the full amount if for any reason the purchased item is not allowed by the Egyptian authorities to enter the country; will take full responsibility of that. All refunds are made within 7 business days from the request date. does not guarantee the quality of the products you may order, but we guarantee that you receive this product in the same condition as it was received from the seller. All orders are placed the same business day if they are received and paid by 3 pm, orders that received and paid after 3 pm are likely to be place the next business day. cannot cancel or modify the order if the order is submitted and paid for. All eBay items are subject to extreme delays specially that are coming from china. Quotations, Facebook page inquiries, email inquiries are not final and only estimates are likely to be accrued, the final price is what you see in your order page with our website. You may have your product delivered to your home via one of our available home delivery options. We deliver orders on normal business days, which are Sunday through Thursday excluding government holidays, there will be a separate delivery charges applies to your order depending on your region. Coupons/offers /corporate discounts/may not be combining with any other offers/coupons; Coupons are not redeemable for cash and are redeemable for one time one purchase only According to PayPal policy, we must ship all orders paid by the customer’s PayPal account to their PayPal’s registered address, otherwise, there will be a delivery period of 45 days. All refunds for payments originally paid by credit card or Paypal are subject to 3% non refundable fee due to the credit card company refund policy. Please read the FAQ section in our website for most inquiries. reserve the right not to accept certain quantities for specific categories